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I had Star Trek's Ear!
The DS9 Pitches
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Star Trek dividing line

Day 3 - The DS9 Pitches. By this time we were getting in the groove of things. We were far less nervous as we went to this meeting. We actually didn't know who we were going to meet with before we got there. As far as we knew, the actual liklihood of selling to DS9 was less than Voyager. At the time we were pitching, DS9 was only schedualed to go one more season. They had about 4 episodes to do in the beginning of the season to get the station back from the Cardassians and then about 10 other plot wrap-ups to go through. DS9 has now been extended at least another year now.

Our ideas for DS9 were not as crystal as the Voyager ones had been. I guess that had something to do with the fact the DS9 has been on so long. A LOT has been explored. It was much harder coming up with DS9 ideas. That showed during the session.

We met with Rene Echevarria and an assistant of his named Jennifer. Rene is a very pensive man. He puts a lot of thought into what he says before he says it. He's suprisingly young. I'm not sure, but I'd say mid 30's. His manner is also incredibly youthful (whatever the hell that means). He has been with Star Trek for years now. He still seemed just a few years older than I. He's direct, polite and incredibly sensible. DS9 is so much a part of him, that's evident. I really liked Rene. He's a good guy, very low key.

I don't blame Rene for this one bit, but I don't feel as if this pitch session went as well as it could have. Our ideas just didn't come out as well as they could have. I think that the coolest thing about the pitch sessions was that ideas weren't just rejected with a waive of the hand. We were told why they didn't want to go with our stories.

Well, here are the pitches!

Below are links to the various pitches delivered to Rene Echevariria and his comments and reactions to them. Enjoy!

    Art of The Deal Quark must swallow his pride and serve as a negotiator for the Ferengi when the Nausicans revolt and threaten to destroy Ferenganar.

    Changes When Sisko infiltrates a Dominion Outpost using a Jem Hadaar personal cloaking device, he becomes genetically altered when the device integrates itself with his DNA.

    The Ghost of Terok Nor It's up to Nog to solve the mystery of the ghost of Terok Nor.

    The New Link Odo finds a group of changelings who long ago rejected the domineering tendencies of the Founders and formed their own great link. He may be in for a disappointment when he finds that they may be less then he expects.

    Payback Time Sisko is visited on DS9 by the descendants of the Tallotian gangsters from "The Piece of the Action." They request "The Feds" help in a taking over a neighboring star system. Sisko and Quark have to diffuse the situation and take responsibility for the actions of a Federation of eighty years ago.

    Prince of Justice Dismayed at the Federation of this time, Scotty joins the Maquis and tries to execute a weapons transfer on DS9. Sisko must stop this legend in his own time before the Cardassians do it for him.

    Undertow A covert Federation team plans to steal the cloaking device off the Defiant and blame the Maquis.

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