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The Ghost of Terok Nor
How'd We Do it?
Synopsis It's up to Nog to solve the mystery of the ghost of Terok Nor.
Major Character and Plot Points Sub-plot points. Bajoran beliefs of what happens when a Bajoran dies. Bajoran/Ferengi ghost stories. Supernatural beliefs among cultures. It could also explore Sisko's skepticism of what he can't understand. Exploration of Morn.
Rene's Comments We came up with this one at the last minute. It was inspired by a interview I read with a DS9 writer, can't recall the name (but it definitely wasn't Rene'). In the interview it was discussed that it's never really been explored what happens to a Bajoran soul after death. The ghost story was a vehicle to unearth the crew's post death anxieties. It gave all of the characters ample reflection on what happens to their species after death. I particularly liked the part about Rom being destined for Ferengi hell because of his inept business skills. This was laid against a comic Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo type story line that actually put Nog and Morn in a position of authority over Kira and Odo, which was a neat juxtaposition. The main reason for rejection was that the theme of having a hold-over from the occupation who didn't realize that war was over, was kind of labored and obvious. It's been done to death. The plan was to make that just a vehicle to get a spooky/funny story told that explored some great character.

Upon reflection, it would have been way cool to have this story be a gut wrencher for Odo. Have him "haunted" by the spirit of the Changeling he killed. The exploration of the Changeling afterlife would have been interesting. It would have been neat to do a sort of Ebineezer Scrooge parallel for Odo.

I wish I thought of that two months ago!

The Pitch as Delivered O'Brian threads some new equipment through the station to scan the for Dominion listening devices. In a deserted upper pylon, the scan cannot reveal anything due to a dampening field. O'Brian takes a team to the spooky place and finds nothing. As they leave, and unseen figure is watching them. The team, including O'Brian was spooked by the place. O'Brian tells Julian about the feeling over a game of darts. Julian dismisses it.

Julian is visited in his darkened quarters by a ghostly figure. It utters something in Bajoran and disappears. The same field that shrouded the pylon is found in Bashir's quarters. Sisko thinks someone is pulling a scam. Kira states that the entity remarked an old Bajoran slur towards Cardassian soldiers.

Kira remarks that they used to tell children on Bajor that Terok Nor was haunted, but blows this off as just a fluke. She begins thinking though, examining her belief system and finds that the station, and what happened to the Bajoran workers there, would be the kind of place that would cause a spirit to haunt. Her and O'Brian discuss what they both think about the afterlife.

Weird stories of a Bajoran miner who died during the occupation and who's body was never found circulate around the station. Odo has no comment and tries to dismiss the rumors.

Sisko doesn't believe that the station is haunted and orders a full investigation. Rom's hobby is the occult and he and Morn often use haunted house holo programs. Morn and Rom lead an expedition to the pylon, spouting off occult wisdom to the crew who go with them. When they reach a peculiarly spooky part of the pylon, Rom suggests that only he and Morn enter. Kira and Odo, who are both visibly spooked agrees, (if it will help the investigation). A few seconds later a loud banging is heard and all of the instruments, including lights, go dim. Out of the darkness, Rom and Morn hear a spooky voice as, "Who are you?" Rom and Morn run out of the hall screaming.

From readings from Rom's tri-corder. O'Brian is able to determine what to look for as far as particles are concerned. Unfortunately there isn't enough information, but thinks there is an explanation.

Kira begins to examine the actions of the crew. Bajoran "ghosts" are often kept out of the after-life by the actions of the living. Her and Rom discuss the Ferengi after life and it turns out that Rom is essentially scheduled for damnation because of his poor business skills.

Hitting balls on a Holosuite, Sisko is confronted by a strange figure and the lights dim as he appears. The man, shrouded in a hood asks Sisko who he is. As a confused Sisko approaches the figure vanishes.

As O'Brian gains more clues as to what is happening he finds a way to seemingly counter the emissions that occur when the apparition appears. When he begins to flood the station with the particles that he thinks will reveal what's up on the pylon, all the power systems on the station go nearly dead. As the lights dim and life support fades, O'Brian realizes he had to reverse the emissions. Kira is convinced that the crews actions are keeping a soul from resting.

In a crises, O'Brian has to manually work a crank up to the pylon to get to the area. O'Brian then floods the upper pylon with the right particles and reveals a scared old man hiding behind a wall created by a holo-emmiter.

The old man escaped from the mining operation and has been hiding in the pylons behind an old Cardassian holo-emitter for years. He didn't know the occupation had ended and that the Federation had taken over the place. He was trying to scare away the investigators, whom he thought were Cardassians disguised as Bajorans and Humans, because he feared being captured.

The detection array that O'Brian installed allowed the man to project himself to different people on the station. The old man is helped out and the crew will try to help him adjust.

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