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Payback Time
How'd We Do it?
Synopsis Sisko is visited on DS9 by the descendants of the Tallotian gangsters from "The Piece of the Action." They request "The Feds" help in a taking over a neighboring star system. Sisko and Quark have to diffuse the situation and take responsibility for the actions of a Federation of eighty years ago.
Major Character and Plot Points
Rene's Comments
The Pitch as Delivered Sisko is visited by an entourage of humans and aliens wearing 1920's gangster wear. They bring to him the loot the "Feds" (Federation) stopped collecting from them 60 years ago. Sisko, confused does not know what to do. O'Brian walks in and realizes what's happening and begins talking in gangster speak about how the Feds were busy with other illegal schemes all over the place. Sisko clumsily asks that Dax show the guests around the station. Confused, he turns to O'Brian who explains what happened with the Tallotians and that the Federation stopped sending ships to collect their slice of the pie a long time ago. Sisko realizes that he's got a big problem on his hands. While in Quark's the Tallotians encounter Quark, whom they immediately take to. The deduce that he is really running the place and that Sisko is his, "front office." Quark tells the Tallotians that Sisko will eventually come around and informs them that he will be coming back with them to Tallotian space.

Sisko and O'Brian arrive in Quark's and sit down with the Tallotians in the back. In shifty gangster characters, him and O'Brian find out that the Tallotians have designs on their peaceful neighboring system but need "backup" from the Feds in the form of "heaters" and "hot rods." Sisko and O'Brian agree to go back with them to work out the deal. The gangsters accept, but laugh at Sisko as they know that Quark is the big boss around here. The Tallotians suggest that Sisko bring "Knuckles" with him for some extra muscle. He is referring to the goon who's knuckles drag on the floor - that Worf character.

Worf has a survey mission to monitor Dominion activity near Cardassian space, so he takes the Defiant and is off. Sisko, Quark and O'Brian accompany the Tallotians back in a runabout - towing their ship behind. Quark tells them majestic lies about how he's swindled this one and that one. Sisko has to bite his tongue as the Tallotians really buy that Quark is the boss.

Arriving on Tallotia, they find a thriving and corrupt society. Noting that they can't let any more technology corrupt these people, they must stop them. They meet the boss, Derjakell, a rough looking alien who's more than happy to see them. All smiles and hospitality, Derjakell goes over the plan of taking over the neaghboring system with Quark, as O'Brian and Sisko are forced to wait outside.

Quark emerges a few hours later very much flustered. He states that the Tallotians are going to invade the system and plunder it. When Quark and Sisko offer them the "purse" (the donations that the Tallotians handed over to the returning Federation ships,) they interperet this as a "payoff" so the Feds can take over the system for themselves. Enraged, Derjakell throws the threesome in jail and orders Quark by rubbed out.

While Quark cries that he is too young to die, Derjakell takes control of the runabout in orbit and lands it on the surface. The Tallotians begin to rip apart the shuttle and cannibalize the technology for their assault on the neighboring system.

Meanwhile, on The Defiant. Worf contact Sisko and gets a gangster from Tallotia. Confused, Worf cuts the transmission.

Unable to send a distress call, they can't do much of anything to help Quark. He is taken away. O'Brian finds a goon who will listen and offers him special member ship in a kind of club that has lots of benefits. (The Federation)

O'Brian and Sisko are able to talk their way out of the cell and find Quark about to be shot. They rescue him, but Derjackell still won't hear anything of any kind of deal and thinks the Feds are planning something. He decides to put them all six feet under but when the gunmen try to fire, they can't shoot their guns. Worf and Dax beam into the room dressed in period clothes. Worf has deactivated all of their weapons and rescues the crew.

Worf announces that he has zapped all of the Federation technology present on the planet and has more or less put them back into the position they were in before Kirk arrived 80 years ago. The crew leaves, but Dax slips something into the desk of Derjackell. It is the basic philosophy of the Federation. Derjackell picks up the book and looks at it with interest.

Later, Sisko mentions in a log that the highly imitative Tallotians may eventually imitate Federation ethics of peace and tolerance instead of the gangster values they hold now. He makes plans to have hidden Federation observes visit Tallotia.

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