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Star Trek dividing line

Magic Tips

I have gotten many, many messages from people who are dying to get their scripts read by the folks over at Paramount or who crave an audience like I had. Often times I am asked for tips, insider info, advice, magic incarnations, etc. Unfortunately, I have none. I arrived over at Paramount pictures after following no great plan. It just seemed that one event after the next fell into line and eventually I was there. I guess there are a few over riding things that could help someone out who wants to really write for Hollywood. Number one is coattails. It may not sound like the most triumphant way to get in, but coattails are what did it for me. I happened to find someone who was already there. I forged a partnership with this person and whamo! There I was. Number 2 is who you know. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of really bad movies and TV shows that get made? Well a lot of people in Hollywood are obviously in bed together (figuratively and literally). The people in charge get their friend's movies made. This does have the potential to trickle down a few levels to the hungry young writer. Like in business, try to establish relationships. Number 3 is exposure. I exposed myself using the web. I created my own web publication and showcased my work within it. There are lots of ways to get attention, just find one you can exploit the best. I closing, I guess there is no front door. I bet every writer who got something done with their work took a totally different path. In closing again, one of the most heartening things to realize is there are more movies that want to be made then there are good scripts. If you really do have the magic dust, and a lot of luck, and a lot of hutzpa, then you might just make it.

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