How'd We Do it?
Synopsis Voyager comes across a beautiful world and its inhabitants invite the crew to stay. In a sort of mind-meld a shaman shows Janeway a shocking future where old crew members find themselves on different sides of an insurrection.
Major Character and Plot Points The great "What if?" What happens to the Doctor if they ever get home. The development of the characters over time.
Jerry's Comments OK, this was the kind of episode pitched on a daily basis and we knew it. I actually can't believe that this story hasn't been told yet. It really needs to be. The series is in the middle of its run. What if they just gave up and decided to pick a planet, any planet? To me it seems a little silly that the crew would tolerate world after habitable world passing by with, at this point, no hope of getting home before they are very, very old.

I thought we had a neat slant on the future's of our crew. What if they end up politically opposed to one another? They seem like such a unit now but would this crew, which seems more like a family than any other Trek crew yet, ever come to odds if they were no longer in Starfleet regiment? I say they wouldn't. If they needed to pick a place and stay there forever, would Janeway always be their leader? Probably not. She's not a queen, though I've heard differently. Eventually, the desire to popularly elect someone else, (probably not Tuvok) would occur.

A show about cabin fever would really be interesting. The crew passing through a region of space with no action at all. That would be the darkest fate of all, to just drift into blackness for all eternity. That would excel some anxieties, I'm sure.

The Pitch as Delivered While taking shore leave on Kellen, the crew is invited to stay in the province on Tenaru. The crew debates whether to give up their voyage home, as they realize the relative distance and the fact that they are getting older.

As the crew is torn by the dilemma, Janeway is shown a potential future by a charismatic Shaman named Giloy. They begin a vision quest and he shows her the crew settling in one year after their arrival. Things seem generally good except for some potential trouble with a poorer neighboring province, Drelke. Voyager is landed in a town square. As B'Lanna says goodbye to the Doctor he shuts off his program.

In real time the crew is debates over whether they should stay. The Kellen, amazed by their technology imitate and worship them like celebrities. Tuvok calculates they may have to stay regardless of the potential damage. They may not have resources for the trip ahead.

The vision jumps ten 10 years in the future. Kes has passed away and Neelix has a wife and a child. Life is generally good for most and Janeway has the President's ear. She and Chockotay are married and she is pregnant! It is often discussed if staying was the right idea. The crew is getting more spread out. Harry leaves to help the poor province of Drelke.

In real time after Tuvok's announcement the crew have resigned to the fact that they may not be able to go any further. Janeway is highly concerned by this. Janeway tells Chockotay about the visions and how they are more real than being on a holodeck.

The vision jumps 17 years after they decide to stay. Janeway and Chockotay have a son Tenaru council worries about the Drelke province, who's people are said to be lazy and shiftless and possibly planning to attack. Immigration from this province is cut off all together. Harry is chosen Governor of Drelke. Janeway contacts Harry who tells her things are desperate in Drelke. B'Lanna warns her that many are calling for war and that Harry may do it.

To ease tensions, the President of Tenaru removes a tax on water but reneges. About to face an attack led by Harry, Janeway contacts the rest of the crew now spread out all over they are divided over what to do.

As the Tenaru mobilize to crush the Drelke advance. B'Lanna steals away. She reactivates Voyager and the Doctor. They knock out the Tenaru defenses and beam Drelke troops all over Tenaru. Harry is killed in a fire fight and Janeway finds him. He tells her that SHE didn't need to make this happen.

When Janeway emerges from the shocking vision, she finds the crew came to the same conclusion she did and has scoured the planet looking for the resources to continue. Giloy states that he worried about his world as much as he wanted Voyager to stay. The Voyage continues.

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