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Price of Justice
Synopsis Dismayed at the Federation of this time, Scotty joins the Maquis and tries to execute a weapons transfer on DS9. Sisko must stop this legend in his own time before the Cardassians do it for him.
Major Character and Plot Points Dax and Scotty's friendship. Scotty's dilemma in a universe he doesn't recognize. Sisko and Kira feuding. A Bolian with a rash.
Rene's Comments
The Pitch as Delivered Scotty arrives on the station and immediately bumps into his old friend, Dax whom he knew as Kurzon. The two begin reminiscing as Scotty gets used to the new Dax - he never believed that Kurzon was a Trill! Gul Evek also arrives at the same time, and angrily confronts Sisko in his office. It seems that the Cardassians have been getting beaten by the Maquis very harshly lately and that the only answer is that Scotty is helping them with his tech expertise. Meanwhile a Bolian crewman Volks, is found to have a rash on his body from a plant only found on Maquis worlds. O'Brian busts in to the infirmary complaining that Garak is accusing Scotty of being a Maquis.

At first unable to believe that Scotty could be guilty, Sisko dismisses Evek's claims, though does note that the Maquis have been doing quite well lately. When Sisko sees Scotty walking with Quark in the hall a bit later, he begins to have suspicions.

When Evek and Sisko, along with Dax confront Scotty later, he denies any connection to the Maquis and throws everyone out including Dax - whom he thinks betrayed him and O'Brian who worships the ground he walks on. Sadly, Dax and O'Brian leave.

Later, Evek talks Garak into passing a garment off to Scotty. A suspicious Scotty takes the jacket and heads off to a meeting with Quark! As Quark tries to get out of his illegal weapons dealings with Scotty, it turns out Odo was the garment planted on Scotty. Quark and Scotty are arrested.

As Scotty sits in a cell, him and Sisko talk about the right and wrong of the whole affair and Evek chimes in about how inappropriate it is for a legend to set such a bad example. Scotty remarks that his Federation would never turn its back on their own and that he is disgusted by the treaty. Kira begins arguing with Evek and Sisko, suddenly furious, throws them both out. Kira, very angry at Sisko leaves.

Odo confronts Quark in his bar and insists that he erase the transfer code sticks that would have allowed the transaction to take place between Scotty and the Maquis. An annoyed Quark complies. The Bolian Volks sits at the bar as well with his new holocam.

Even though Scotty and Quark were still caught, it is found out that a shipment was beamed into space from one of Quark's holosuites. When the crew investigates they find that Volks recorded the seconds before Quark erased the code sticks with his holocam and then sent the message.

Odo puts out an APB for Volks and Dax visits Scotty who is confined to quarters. They have a heart to heart talk and find that Dax and him still have a lot in common even though she is so different now. A phaser-shooting beacon is beamed into the quarters and announces that the Maquis is coming to bust Scotty out. An investigation reveals that it was an inside job done with Federation transporters. Sisko and Kira mend their differences and they apologize for one another.

Scotty tells Sisko that stopping him may be like stopping George Washington but that he isn't the judge of history. Just as they seem to be getting through to one another a red alert sounds. A fleet of Maquis ships are bearing down on the station, As Sisko goes to deal with the emergency, Scotty collects his things.

It turns out that only a few of the ships were real and the rest were holograms. The Maquis beam aboard and knock out many of the security systems, thanks to Scotty. They grab him out of his room and beam him off. In a fire fight Evek kills two of the Maquis that were trying to surrender.

As he rushes off in a shuttle, Dax and Scotty exchange final words over the view screen. He is now an outlaw, though he doesn't feel that way. Dax is sad that her old friend is now on the run, but in her heart knows that if Scotty felt strongly about something, it was probably mostly right.

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